Mt Kosciusko

This is where it all began (almost).

Hugh, Bridie and I are greater Sydney area based so of course the logical decision for the first summit in our pursuit of the Seven Summits was Mt Kosciusko.

Kosciusko-1000972 5 hours south of Sydney the snowy mountains are home to most of Australia’s alpine peaks.  Mt Kosciusko is only 2,228 metres high so that gives you an immediate idea of the challenge that lay in front of us as we headed south by road.

Kosciusko-1000986We pulled up at the car park, quickly assembled our meagre gear
requirements and set of for the summit.  There’s a ski chair lift that you can take from the car park but we felt that to really claim it as “summitted” we had to climb by foot the full distance.   Hot and humid and reasonably steep as we set out and all the way through to the top of the chair lift the conditions didn’t really change.

Kosciusko-1000985From the chair lift the terrain flattens out, and once on the steel board walk that keeps the walkers from damaging our delicate alpine grasses the pace lifted dramatically.  Once we reached the saddle there was just the final pinch up the slope and then around the paved walkway to the summit, and all the while the storm coming in from the south was looming.  As we touched the monument on the summit the rain started, the winds increased and they chased us from the summit.  In the end these weather conditions for the next 36 hours and I rated them worse than anything I’d experienced in my previous 3 years in Australia.  In all honesty I rated them up there with some of the worst I’d experienced in NZ.

Kosciusko-1000998In the end, 76 hours away from Sydney and the first summit in the bag – a shake down for what was to follow.




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