The Seven Summits


The Seven Summits are the highest mountains of each of the seven continents. Summiting all of them is regarded as a mountaineering challenge, first postulated as such and achieved on April 30, 1985 by Richard Bass.  Different lists include slight variations, but generally the same core is maintained.  (wikipedia)

And when 3 of us failed in our attempt to climb Mt McKinley, Alaska in 2011 the reply from each of us was to “go bigger and bolder” and try for all of the Seven Summits.

BLOG_McKinley-1030151For each of us, Hugh, Bridie and myself, our plans have changed over time and now I’m the only one still pursuing the Seven Summits goal.  But that’s not to say it’s my sole or all consuming goal.  Despite the life changes that came my way at the end of 2014 I’ve continued the pursuit of the summits and now I’m 4 complete –

1.  Mt Koscuisko – Australia, March 2012
2.  Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa . August 2012
3.  Mt Aconcagua, South America, January 2014
4.  Mt Elbrus, Europe, July 2014

And to my future plans –

1.  Mt McKinley, Alaska.  After 2 unsuccessful attempts on this mountain it’s fair to say “it’s under my skin” and I’m determined to get back there and summit.

2.  Mt Vinson Antarctica.  I’ve been trying to get to Antarctica for years.  When I was living in New Zealand I had friends who recounted their stories on being “on the ice” as members of the NZ Antarctica expeditions.  Now I need to get myself there and to the top of Mt Vinson.

3.  Mt Everest.  Every climbers dream summit.  Theres nothing more to say about this one.


And for putting dates on this three summits.  That’s turned out to be a little more difficult.  Late in August 2014 I returned to full time employment after a year of travel and climbing mountains and I’ve also now found a few other adventures that are taking me of on tangents to this adventure.

Check out the stories about each of my summit climbs here –

Mt Kosciusko,  Mt Kilimanjaro,  Mt Aconcagua,  Mt Elbrus


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