Heard Island Expedition

Here’s to the power of the internet!

With a little idle time and wanting to find something a little different in the way of a new adventure I started to set of various searches for a new adventure in Google.  I was after something different, never done before, distant, definitely not main stream.

Having moved to Australia in 2009 and not found much time to travel around the country my first 2-3 years as a resident it seemed natural to do something that was “Australia based”.  And that forced me to find out more about Australia,  how many states, and what’s the difference between States and Territories?  How many are there?  Where are they all?

And out of that came line of enquiry came a new name – HEARD ISLAND.

Where is it?  Deep in the Southern Ocean.

What is It?  Australian Territory, administered by the Australian Antactic Division.  Covered in snow and ice,  HAs one active volcano.

How do you get there?  With extreme difficulty.  And that’s when I found out about the Cordell Expeditions planned trip to the island in 2012.  There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then but the end result is that I’m now one of the team members going to Heard Island.  There have been several changes to expedition plans but most importantly – it’s still all happening.

Follow my progress as I –

  • work with Bob Schmeider from Cordell Expeditions and the other team members to put together an expedition that will obtain the necessary permits from the Australian Antarctic Division.  Theres negotiations with sponsors to complete, risk management plans and environmental policy documents to complete and expedition logistics to bring together.
  •  complete my own personal preparations for the expedition.  I’ll nee dot be physically prepared for 3 weeks in a very extreme environment.

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