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Sitting on the spin bike right now ripping through some kilometres as a initial training for Heard Island.  And to be honest it’s more like I’m training for the weather conditions on Heard Island!

For Sydney city it’s cold.  It’s reported at 10 degrees as you can see, but the wind is starting to build – it;s cold enough to be feeling numb in my finger tips.

And by the look of the forecast if I stay here for a few more hours (and that isn’t going to happen) it will be colder still.

It’s time to head back inside!


Fantastic news  – the revised Heard Island Expedition 2016 roster is out and I’ve made the cut so I’m heading south from Cape Town in March 2016.

The team is down to 14 in total from the original 35.   It’s going to be an intensive 3 weeks on Heard Island as each of us will have to make a much bigger contribution to maintaining daily operations.


There’s nothing easy about getting to Heard Island.  Our expedition has been delayed until March 2016 as the charter for the vessel we were to sail from Fremantle on did not come through.

And in a good example of “it’s who you know” a few phone calls later a replacement charter has been arranged – but there’s a down side, the expedition roster has been cut from 35 to 15!!  I’m clinging to a hope that I’ll make the cut and be on the very reduced team that will now leave Cape Town for Heard Island in March next year.

Fingers and toes crossed – I really want to be heading deep into the Southern Ocean next year….