IMG_1164Which way does the water spin as it goes down the plug hole?

Clockwise, anti-clock wise and in a less common situation – not at all!

As we crossed the equator on a trip out of Kampala an enterprising local put the answer(s) beyond doubt and made a few shillings for his family.

IMG_1162The “equator” was a bold yellow line marked on the ground.  Three simple round basin like stands were in garden area.  The first was 10 meres to the north of the equator, the second was 10 metres to the south of the equator and the third right on the equator.

With a plug inserted our “guide” filled the basin with water, stopped any water movement and then released.  With a small flower added we could see the eddy spinning.

First in the northern hemisphere – the water spun counter clockwise

Then the southern hemisphere – the water turned clockwise]

IMG_1161And on the equator – well it was sucked straight down the plug hole!!

A simple example that was leaves you thinking…



And heres some short video from the equator

Northern hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere

And finally on the equator

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