A step closer to Heard Island

IMG_0998Last week the Sydney based participants of the Heard Island Expedition meet with Bob Schmeider, the Californian based expedition organiser.

And with that meeting it was proved to me that this really is happening.  The idea to visit Heard Island was first planted in my mind 2 years ago and it wasn’t until last week that I really accepted that this was a real extreme adventure that I fortunate enough to be involved in.

Bob was excited to tell us about the planning that’s going on in California, the chartering of the Akademik Shokalskiy, the discussions with Australian Antarctic Division representatives for the permit to land on the island.  There is now only 8 months until we depart and still much to do.  But now it’s real!

IMG_1002And then to spend time with  Grahame Budd, Mr Heard Island for me.  He’s been to the Heard Island 8 times already, he was the first to summit Big Ben and he has authored many publications about the island.

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