Endless Rock Pools & Water Falls

BLOG_GALANG_CREEK-8667My chance to head back to the Blue Mountains arrived a little earlier than I’d expected but with a full work schedule ahead for the next few weeks ahead I was quick to grab the unexpected opportunity.

Caro called for participants to join in an easy and short day walk, so I had to sign up!

At 8:15am we are walking away from Dunphy’s camp heading toward IronPot to then descend down to the Cox’s river and return via Galang Creek.  Round trip –  expect to take 7 easy hours.

BLOG_GALANG_CREEK-8679And that’s about how it worked out.  Down hill’s are (relatively) easy and by 10;30am we were down on the Cox’s river.  We took a short break for a snack and water  before starting the leisurely walk back up Galang creek.  Don’t get me wrong, this ascent has some curly problems thrown in along the way and I’ll admit to making a wrong call at one point and going well of the intended route only to have to descend again and rejoin the group.

Galang Creek is  creek for boulder hoping and as you can see from the photo’s below, there’s an endless number of rock pools and waterfalls to negotiate.  Some great swimming holes as well.  By descending via the creek you could make this into beginners canyoning trip if you wanted although the climb back up the ridge would be interesting (and hot, demanding work!).

Thanks to everybody for a great day out.