RESET – Goals for 2014

Go back to the latter stages of last year and my 2014 goal was all about climbing Mt Aconcagua in Argentina.

I had made a very late decision to climb Mt Aconcagua. I had the month of December to train and then in January I  joined a guided trip to the6,982 metre summit.

Yes I made it to the summit and I lived on that success for a few weeks when I got back home to Sydney.

But what do I do now?  Only 3 months into the year and no more goals to achieve – things are a bit flat.

GOAL RESET – So to put a “challenge” back on the table for 2014 I’ve set myself some new goals for 2014 –

Aconcagua-1020764– Summit Aconcagua, Argentina – Done.  Milo and I reached the summit of Mt Aconcagua on 26 January 2014.



– Summit Mt McKinley, Alaska – Trip booked and I leave Sydney in early May.  This is a return trip for me after out attempt to reach the summit on 2011 was blocked by strong winds and snow storms on the summit.  With an average success rate of a little over 50% I realise that there’s nothing certain about reaching the summit and that weather and my own physical and mental condition  will play an important part in our success.

Elbrus_North– Summit Mt Elbrus, Russia – Trip booked, waiting on entry VISA.  This is not a technically difficult mountain and the tip from the south side has some use of the ski lifts that go part way up the slope.

vinson--ellsworth– Summit Vinson Massif, Antarctica – This would be a fantastic way to end the year  bit I need to raise some serious funds to get this happening.  I’m not going to give up on trying to get this one done though.

When I pull this together I’ll have summitted 4 of the 7 Summits in 1 year!

So for the next 4 months of my life is all about planning, training, travel and climbing mountains.

I can’t wait too get  started!

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